Who’s Tracking Me?

For my final project I wanted to see if I could get a better idea of what information I was unknowingly giving out from my smart phone. I looked at all my apps that were loaded. Some of the apps came preloaded; some were put on when I bought this phone or perhaps a prior… Continue reading Who’s Tracking Me?

Words From a Semester

I decided that I wanted to upload my blogposts and assignments from this semester into the Wordcloud web site. I thought it might tell me about the quality of my writing. Honestly, I was a little worried. My blogposts were casual. Maybe too casual. I added assignments from my Art History class as well. Those,… Continue reading Words From a Semester

Analog Renaissance

The changeover from Analog tech to digital tech started a long time ago but only became a complete takeover recently.  It all used to be optional.  You could pick or choose what you wanted to handle digitally and what things you wanted to remain status quo. Some of my own personal changes have seemed like… Continue reading Analog Renaissance


I find it very interesting that in the article “Trolls on Twitter make false claims of being assaulted at screenings of ‘Black Panther’” gives the impression that racism is rampant in the US.  In my experience, having lived all over America over the past half a century, people find racism abhorrent.  I have lived in… Continue reading Disinformation!

Terms of Service

I will admit to reading the Terms of Service from time to time.  Not read in depth, more like skimmed, and certainly I didn’t understand all that I read.  But the thing is,  the user has no choice but to agree to it.  Or, of course,  they could forgo using the website or app.  … Continue reading Terms of Service

Rebuild the Internet

I know it is crazy, and archaic, but I could only think of one way to build the Internet in craft form. I had to knit it. Knitting is binary; you can either make a knit stitch or a purl stitch and the pattern of those stitches makes the texture of the cloth. If you… Continue reading Rebuild the Internet

The Social Network

I didn’t like the movie. I don’t like how they depicted any of the characters. I imagine that it is all a version of the truth. The movie is a good insight to how people have hidden reasons for what they do. Mark Zuckerberg could have been just as successful and maybe a little more… Continue reading The Social Network

The Internet 10 Years Ago

What is the Internet? 9-11-2021 The Internet is simply a tool to connect thoughts and ideas with other people. It is a method of communications, just like smoke signals. But in a broader sense it has become how we live our lives. It is possible to live in America with no connection to the internet… Continue reading The Internet 10 Years Ago