Can Spear-phishing catch me?

Digital Technology has been a blessing and a curse.  The blessings are easy to see if you look at the last fifty years or so in long stretches of time.  Our lives are very different now than they were even 10 years ago.  And as with any other blessing, we have become greedy.  We want more convenience.  We want more products.  We want more connections with people and ideas that inspire us.  But with this haste comes the curse.  We make ourselves vulnerable. 

Of course we tell ourselves that we are too smart to be tricked. The Spear-phishing attacks like the one John Podesta fell for would never get us.   We will be careful.  Until of course, someone is smarter than us.  And with technology changing constantly can anyone really be an expert, impossible to topple even by the most savvy hacker?  Many times we just get lucky and are ignored enough that we don’t step on any land minds.  But I don’t think anyone is above being tricked.  The trick has just not been pulled yet. And with the ability to make websites that look exactly like the real thing, we just need to be redirected without knowing. It might not be possible yet but that could be the next hacker trick.

I think we are past the point of saying that we choose to be vulnerable by taking part.  There may be a few elderly people who are never going to have a digital presence, but the rest of the modern world increasingly needs to participate.  Even the Mennonite and Amish People are on the internet.  The computers are in the barn and used for business (and a little video gaming) and are allowed by the church elders.  Opting out is no longer an option. 

So the answer is to stop evil and for only good to prevail.  This is the problem we have been working on since the Garden of Eden.  But we can’t stop now.  So, who is responsible to police the crimes? The governments of the world? The big tech companies? The local police department?  Individuals?   Unfortunately not everyone agrees on the terms.  I think the status quo will not continue to work.  But I don’t know the answer.  But I hope we figure it out. 

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