Rebuild the Internet

I know it is crazy, and archaic, but I could only think of one way to build the Internet in craft form. I had to knit it. Knitting is binary; you can either make a knit stitch or a purl stitch and the pattern of those stitches makes the texture of the cloth. If you string 100,000 stitches together in the right pattern and shape and you can make an Irish Fisherman’s sweater. And folklore says that the Irish clans all developed their own pattern so that when an Irish fisherman washed up on shore drown, the pattern in his sweater would assure that his body would be returned to his family. The first binary address.

In my rebuild the silver string represents the Internet and the beads represent the servers. On the servers are the Internet addresses that bring us to the Internet sites we visit. When we visit those sites our server connects to the server for that site.

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