Terms of Service

I will admit to reading the Terms of Service from time to time.  Not read in depth, more like skimmed, and certainly I didn’t understand all that I read.  But the thing is,  the user has no choice but to agree to it.  Or, of course,  they could forgo using the website or app.   And by the time they get to the Terms of Service page they have already decided they definitely NEED to use it.  The TOS  don’t ever really say that one has to agree to any of the egregious things some of the  articles this week joked about.  They won’t really have to give up your first born child.   But some of the things we agree to in the Terms of Service are not in our favor, but at the time when all that stands between us and the app is to push a button, we will push it.   But what if we did have a choice?  

Of everything we looked at this week I really appreciated  Terms of Service: Didn’t Read.    Rating the services and explaining what we are forfeiting is great information.  We can potentially choose sights with the best Terms of Service or at least proceed knowing what we may be giving up.   It is empowering.   Comparing apples to apples gives us a platform for choice and may help shift concessions more in the consumers favor.   I think people want to make informed decisions.  Young people especially are doers.  They seek information and pass it on.  They want to make changes for the better.   Sorting out the good TOS from the bad is something we can do.  

Here is good news! Slack is a good option. Of course we all know that because we agreed to the Terms of Service.


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