Words From a Semester

Thoughts I had this semester.

I decided that I wanted to upload my blogposts and assignments from this semester into the Wordcloud web site. I thought it might tell me about the quality of my writing. Honestly, I was a little worried. My blogposts were casual. Maybe too casual. I added assignments from my Art History class as well. Those, I hoped, where written a little better.

The funniest words I noticed was Ray and Bradbury. I loaded most of my blogposts and several things I wrote for Art History. The size of Ray and Bradbury must mean that I repeated those names many times in the one blogpost that mentions him.

I am pleased to see that I mentioned the words people, think and work more than the word also. I thought I would see only evidence of bad writing and repeat non productive word too often. But what I see in the word cloud were descriptive words that speak clearly about the subjects I am studying. My Art History class added the words art, scene and figures. My Digital Studies class added the words computers, digital, video and games. Other words that were mentioned often where believe, imagine, make and know. These action verbs describe the process of explaining what I learned. I am pleased to see the outcome. Maybe I am a decent writer after all.

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