I find it very interesting that in the article “Trolls on Twitter make false claims of being assaulted at screenings of ‘Black Panther'” gives the impression that racism is rampant in the US.  In my experience, having lived all over America over the past half a century, people find racism abhorrent.  I have lived in places that are more diverse and less diverse.  I have lived in the civilian communities and the military communities. I have certainly seen prejudice first hand. But I believe there has been improvement in recent years. I am happy to have been able to live a military lifestyle where equality was forced to flourish before the civilian community followed.     Is equality for African Americans perfect?  No,  it is not.  But it has come a long way.  And I think a vast majority of Americans support these changes.

My neighborhood is ethnically diverse.  As is my town and my school.  But I visit places that are not diverse.  Many places in New England, in particular, are far less diverse than the place I live now.  But those are the places that profess equity the strongest.  Why a person who proudly puts a Black Lives Matter sign in their yard makes a choice to live in a town where no black people live is an interesting question.  But even with that question I do not see these people as prejudiced in a traditional sense. And of course they would not either.   So what are we to make of the social media provoking racial unrest around the opening of the movie “The Black Panther?” Are there social media savvy technicians who have a Jim Crow era hatred of black people?  I don’t think so.  I think it is more likely that there is a powerful entity who for some reason finds racial unrest preferable. And probably profitable. Could it be the Republicans?  Or the Democrats?  Or an overseas entity?  Could it be someone just trying to be provocative?  Is this a repeat of “The War of the World,” where the social media posters just trying to see if people would believe these stories? 

Whatever the reason, it has to be stopped.  Racial unrest is dangerous and threatens the advances America has made. The question is how to control what is being done on social media. Or can we convince people to question what they read?  Will they believe anything that comes across their feed?  If people would vette the information they see, the power would be taken from these felonious posters.  It is a lesson we all should have learned by now.

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