Analog Renaissance

The changeover from Analog tech to digital tech started a long time ago but only became a complete takeover recently.  It all used to be optional.  You could pick or choose what you wanted to handle digitally and what things you wanted to remain status quo.

Some of my own personal changes have seemed like less of a choice and more of a resignation.  Some things we have been on the cutting edge of and somethings we have just found reasons to comply. My family has been in the habit of paying everything with a credit card that pays for points and then we pay it off every month.  The amount of money we make yearly is compelling so we will continue with that plan.  Paying bills are the same.  It was just easier to pay for everything online. I used to visit the library regularly but that stopped with the pandemic.  And honestly, I am now out of the habit.  I prefer analog books and audio books but the ease of doing it all online has twisted my arm into accepting that preference.  I do still like to use a physical calendar.  My husband has tried to get me to use a digital one since the days of the palm piolet in the 90’s.  I still cannot successfully switch over.  I generally use both but the one I rely on is the physical one.  The full month calendar at a glance cannot be beat.  In seconds I can see what lays ahead in general and in detail without opening and closing attachments.  I still get my husband’s calendar invites almost daily but then I write them on the paper version (unless I just roll my eyes).  And the two of us sync calendars once and a while to make sure we are on the same page.  It works for me, so I am staying with that plan.

Oddly enough the pandemic has giving analog hobbies a resurgence.  In my art class we did an assignment to show hands doing a variety of things.  The professor was surprised to see people drawing themselves knitting, sewing, playing instruments and other throwback activities.  He said that he has never seen that before.  Every year that he has done the assignment people are making obscene gestures and using illicit substances. The students were on their computers all day for school and work.  They have seemed to have picked up analog hobbies. People who are both working and recreating online are looking to change some of the way we are doing things.  I think that because of the pandemic analog is having a renaissance. 

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